Local School Introduces Storytelling

A private university in Bethany, Oklahoma enjoyed a lighthearted foray into storytelling during a special program sponsored by the campus library. Southwestern Christian University students shared original poems, jokes, skits, and stories for "Live Arts!". Faculty members shared stories as well. Pictured are some of those attending the event with a professor who shared a story about the "Little Apple Tree".



Plan now to host a storytelling party for Valentine's Day! A fun evening awaits as each person brings a story to share. A childhood story about "the first time I-----" ,or the most "amazing, funny,mysterious or whatever".... The heart of traditional storytelling has always been in the intimate tales of friends gathered around a hearth enjoying hospitality. A perfect activity for all family members and friends of all ages. So....turn off the television one night....shut down the computer....turn off the cell phones....and discover the marvel and wonder to be found in getting lost in the laughter and tears of tales....