Jahruba Lambeth is an African born in Oklahoma whose family has been in the Norman area since the land run. He calls himself a 20th Century Griot -- an African storyteller -- who shares his cultural history through songs and stories handed down by his ancestors.
Jahruba has been performing professionally for over 35 years. His approach is to use authentic artifacts, folk-tales, songs and instruments to teach young and old about Africa and the African American experience. He selects stories that encourage young people to think for themselves -- such as the story of the greedy hunter of Ibo village who found out the hard way about the power of greed, or Fulumbo of the Fulanis, the handicapped boy who saved his village from Zulu raiders with the magical rhythm of peace. There are stories of Ananzi the spider, always up to tricks, and many more.

In addition to a BA in African Studies from San Francisco University, Jahruba has studied with master drummers and street musicians from around the world. CONTACT: http://www.jahruba.com/booking.htm

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