New Day Dawning

Oklahoma Storytelling Events:
Spring -
Whopper Festival, Choctaw, Oklahoma at the public library

Summer -
Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival, Seminole, Oklahoma

Fall -
OKC Storytelling Festival, Oklahoma City
"Tellabrations" , various locations around the state



Territory Tellers is hosting a story swap in Norman on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at Jacobson House, 609 Chautauqua Avenue from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Jacobson House is a fine art museum on the OU campus that showcases Native American art. Museum goers will be the audience. 

Practice a good story, come to Norman, and put your name in the hat! If you come early, you can attend the TT Board meeting from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the same location.

For more information on the museum, go to http://www.jacobsonhouse.com/

Have more questions? Need directions? Contact Valerie Kimble at kimblevalerie@yahoo.com.




Red Ribbon Day, Saturday October 30, an exciting tradition in Moore, Oklahoma officially begins with a city-wide parade. The first Red Ribbon Culture Jam directly follows, kicking off at 12:00 p.m. at the Moore Public Library 225 South Howard. The Culture Jam is broad in focus and offers a huge line-up of musical entertainment, story performances, cooking demonstrations, and boasts an international marketplace.

“The Cultural Jam is completely unique to Moore,” says Tera McAmis, Outreach Specialist for Moore Public Library. “You’ve heard the cliché, ‘Something for Everyone and the Red Ribbon Culture Jam truly lives up to that billing. Our focus is four cultural regions: Asian, Celtic, Hispanic, and African, with each area celebrated through a variety of arts.”

On the Sounds of the World stage, Damon Frazier and Rithm Company kicks off the event with West African drumming; followed by OU Arashi Taiko a vibrant Asian drum-band; and All About Irish Dance jigging to Celtic beats. Jesse Bills demonstrates his special talent on the bagpipe. The headlining act, Son del Barrio, closes the entire show with a knock-out performance of high energy and driving music, that invites dancing and just letting go. Various food vendors will also be available in the North Parking lot area.

The Cooking Pot sponsored by Platt College, features chefs creating cultural dishes. Participants can learn about distinctive cuisines, watch how dishes are prepared, and experience unique spices, ingredients, and traditions. Free samples and recipes are part of these exciting demonstrations.

Fables and Folk Lore is where story-telling takes on new dimensions. Anam Cronan performs Celtic legends accented with flute and harp performances. DWe Williams spins African stories and tales. Narrators from the OCU Korean Student Association weave magical tales from the mystic east and Diana Tono chronicles myths in the Hispanic tradition.

World Neighbors sponsor a cultural marketplace, The International Fair-Trade Market with a full spectrum of arts, crafts, and creations for sale. Travel the ‘globe’ in Moore for hand-crafted items such as Nepali handbags, Guatemalan textiles, multi-cultural jewelry, tribal masks, coffees and chocolates, and Peruvian pottery. All the products are ‘fair-trade certified’ guaranteeing that the artisans receive a fair wage for their work. Buy special gifts and give back at the same time.

Take World Neighbors’ Water Walk and experience firsthand what life is like for some women in the poorest areas of the world. In many developing countries, billions of people have inadequate access to water, which needs to be gathered daily for survival needs. “Walk” in their footsteps…carry large containers of water, walk barefoot over stones, sand, and rocks and you will never take water for granted again.

Four hours of simultaneous events are planned. Choose your favorite venues! Participants can come-and-go, enjoy the music, or stop by cooking demonstrations. Experience folk tales or shop in the bazaar. After the Culture Jam ends at 4:00 p.m., families are invited to Haunt Old Town at Broadway and Main, where the Old Town Association is hosting Halloween fun and festivities.

The Red Ribbon Culture Jam is sponsored by World Neighbors, Platt College, The Oklahoma Arts Council, the City of Moore, Pioneer Library System and Friends of the Moore Public Library. For more information call Moore Public Library 791-5100.

[press release from PLS >http://www.pioneer.lib.ok.us/mootop/94-check/2167-moores-red-ribbon-culture-jam-festival]



Due to conflicting schedules of trick or treating and sports activities it has been deemed best to cancel the Sat. night session and tours at the historic site.  Friday evening, Oct. 29 will be the final sessions and tours of the historic site for this halloween season. Contact the mansion for reservations to hear Marilyn A. Hudson and take the tour.



Brian "Fox" Ellis is an internationally renowned storyteller, author and naturalist. He has been a featured speaker at dozens of state and regional reading and science teacher conferences. He will be in Tulsa om Nov. 20th, 2010.  Tulsa Audubon  would like to extend a special invitation to the Master Naturalists, Oklahoma Storytellers and Native Plant Society folks to plan to attend most of Saturday Nov 20th:
8:00 a.m. - Birding With Audubon, Oxley Nature Center

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Bird is the Word Workshop - Oxley Nature Center

6:00 p.m. - Adventures with Audubon - Monte Cassino Performing Arts Center

Details are posted on the Tulsa Audubon web page: http://www.tulsaaudubon.org/75th-anniversary.htm

Please help publicize these events. We are encouraging folks to register so we have a handle on numbers, Please reserve your spot by contacting Jim Mitchell atjc4649mit@cox.net or 918-272-6755
All events are free thanks to the generosity of Tulsa Audubon, Friends of Oxley Nature Center, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, Monte Cassino School, and the Riverfield Country Day School.



Bartlesville OK is having their second Ghost Walk on Oct 20-21. Several tellers from Territory Tellers will be telling spooky tales in various historical buildings in town: Tony Hardman, Fran Stallings, Dianne Fallis and Nancy Matthews.

The historical Price Tower which is a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright will be a rest stop with music, free hor douvers (spell), and you can purchase drinks as well. Two resturants in town will have tellers and while you are there you might want to linger and have supper. Both have really good food. The tour will include buildings that have some verrrry interesting history with ghosts, murder and mayhem committed in or near them.

Tickets for the tour are $5.00 and for those of you who may have a walking problem, we have a trolloy for transportation to various locations.


If you want to see this blog continue drop OT an email at the address listed above. Thanks!


Choctaw Library Hosts Storytelling this Fall

The Choctaw Library, WayWord Tellers, and Territory Tellers is hosting "Spooky, Chilly, Jump Tales" on Monday, October 18, 6:00-7:30 PM at the Choctaw Library. Join us for an enjoyable evening of chillers and thrillers for the whole family. Talented yarn spinners from throughout Oklahoma will share their spookiest stories. Light refreshments will be served. The Library is located at 2525 Muzzy in Choctaw Oklahoma. For more information call 390-8418.

Tellabration(TM) 2010: An Evening of Stories will be held at the Choctaw Library on Tuesday, November 16 from 6:00-7:30 PM. Molly LouBelle Lemmons will lead several tellers in telling tales suitable for school age children and adults. Light refreshments will be served. For more information contact the library at 390-8418.



Let me tell you about....storytellers who walk on the wild side! Often unrecognized, these are the storytellers who enchant, entertain, and educate during the haunting times of the year and on tours through various corners of any region.

They dress in costumes, provide stories as they tour aged corners of a community, historic sites with strange visitors, recount daring deeds and old mysteries. Others, go legend tripping, investigate spooky old places, and carry strange bits of electronic paraphernalia and then share their tales in a variety They, like all other storytellers, delve into the pool of human legends, myths, and the ongoing folklore of the urban legend.

The members of paranormal groups, historic site ‘ghost/cemetery tour guides’, and similar individuals sprinkled around any locale. Since many are often unconnected to any storytelling group they provide an excellent opportunity to encourage people with kindred interests to get connected to local guilds. Many are aligned with theatrical groups, tourism agencies, and volunteers for historic real estate and there is no reason why they should be story friends.

Others have no exposure to storytelling and provide a wonderful new pool of people to introduce to the diversity and fellowship in the storytelling world.

As the “Oklahoma Ghost Teller,” I have met many such people while doing stories at local paranormal conferences, fairs, events at local historic sites, local libraries, and similar events. I am mentoring two right now because they want to learn how to share their interests in more engaging and interesting manner. In the past, storytellers have often bemoaned people who have wanted to box storytellers into a ‘kids only’ container. They wanted recognition for other visions for the art form and the same applies with connecting to these new groups and audiences. All it requires is a willingness to expand the parameters of the story tent and tap into a popular body of mythic – if alternative – story sources.


[May be reproduced if proper credit is given]



The OKC StorySLAM is a monthly open mic event that usually takes place at the Istvan Gallery, 1218 N. Western in OKC.

October 15, 7 p.m. - Theme: "Skeletons in the Closet"
November 19, 7p.m. - Theme: "Worst day Ever"

Friend them on FACEBOOK.



Stories are falling like autumn leaves across the state:

Choctaw Library, Oct. 18, 5:30 to 7:00, Choctaw, "WayWord Tellers"
Warr Acres, Oct. 25, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., Marilyn A. Hudson, " The Ghost Teller"
Oklahoma City, Oct. 28, 29, 30, 7:00 p.m. and 8 p.m., "Story and Tour" of Overholser Mansion, with Marilyn A. Hudson, "The Ghost Teller."

MH 2010
Know of others?  Send them in....



Storytellers, like everyone else, live in their cultures, social strata's, and traditions.  Additionally, they cross social, racial, economic, educational, cultural, and educational lines to interact with other components in society. In a period when society is increasingly more fragmented and divided along political, religious, lifestyle, or philosophical lines it is important that storytellers remember that diversity is a two way street and tolerance a path of mutual manners. Storytellers, by virtue of the strength and confidence required to share stories in public in the first place, can be pretty strong minded,  ego driven, and opinionated.

Two examples serve to illustrate the issue.  In one state storytelling group where a subset who were people of faith and they wished to add to the state event a program for the mutual sharing of stories of faith and the sacred.  Another group, who did not share this interest laughed, in many ways demeaned the idea, and minimized the other storytellers.  Since no one was planning to force anyone to participate, the reaction was  intolerant, divisive, and  insultive.  In another situation, a storyteller who was on one side of a political-social issue evangelistically promoted their view through stories, materials, and even the t-shirt worn.  Yet, when another storyteller with equally strong, yet opposite views attempted to do the same they were met with intolerance, limitations, and restrictions as to content of stories shared. 

Storytelling in its earliest roots was surely the epitome of what we like to call ' Freedom of Speech'.  In the ability to present stories of differing views, from differing cultures, and sharing diverse values, the listener has always been encouraged to consider and weigh options as they develop their own opinions.  Storytelling has always been a source of moral, ethical, and educational direction for people. Stories are the voices of family and friends connecting each human being to another.  

Families are often loud and talk over each, are opinionated and blunt, but they should also always be listeners.    Storytellers should also be listeners.  What is the old adage about understanding comes from walking in anothers shoes?  Maybe it also comes from changing perspective, tolerating other views, and respecting not only our own opinions but allowing others their own as well.



The Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee will host a story conference Sept. 24th and 25th. It will be held at the historic Bacone College. Tim Tingle (Choctaw) will co-host plus there will be fifteen well-known storytellers. Among them are Choogie Kingfisher (Keetoowah Cherokee), Ryan Mackey (Cherokee), Stella Long (Choctaw), Lorie Robins (Chickasaw), Greg Rodger (Choctaw/Chickasaw), Phillip Harjo (Seminole), LeAnne Howe (Choctaw), Dr. Phillip Carrol Moargan (Chickasaw/Choctaw), Dr. Daniel Littlefield (Cherokee), Joyce Bear (Muscogee) to name a few.

The conference requires pre-enrollment but there will be evening performances at the museum that will be free to the public. For more information: 918-683-1701 or 5civilizedtribes@sbcglobal.net

Another Indian event is the 2010 Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival in Bartlesville on Sept. 17th-19th, at the Bartlesville Community Center located at Adams and Cherokee in Bartlesville OK. There will be more than 30 artists displayed in the Center and outside there will be food and craft venders and traders with a variety of wares with the native American theme. There will be intertribal powwow and contests. There will be interactive traditional craft making and cultural demonstrations all weekend. Sunday there will be church service and a gospel sing.

Dianne Fallis and Nancy Lenhart Matthews have been invited by the Cherokee Indian Women's Storytelling group to tell Indian stories on Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. Nancy will also be telling on Friday morning to the school children attending the festival.



Under the Covers with Granny Reveals Oklahoma Secrets

September 20, 7:00 pm. The Norman Quilt Guild proudly presents Judy Howard’s "Centennial Stitches—Oklahoma History in Quilts" Trunk Show Program and her "Thanking Our Troops--God Bless America Touring Quilts" Exhibit at the McFarlin Methodist Church, 419 S. University Blvd, Norman, OK.

All profits from Judy's "Thanking Our Troops--God Bless America Touring Quilts" books and $100 exhibit rental fees go to provide quilts for wounded soldiers. See sneak preview of 300 touring quilt photos on www.HeavenlyPatchwork. Enter your 22" patriotic quilts and receive free book and chance at $2500 in prizes. Call Judy to reserve exhibit for your next patriotic event or quilt show at 405-751-3885 or BuckboardQuilts@cox.net

Come celebrate America in Quilts!
Judy Howard, Owner since 1976
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250 quality vintage quilts at affordable prices


Award-winning Author of

Heavenly Patchwork--Quilt Stories Stitched with Love

Heavenly Patchwork II--Quilts Stories to Warm Your Heart

Centennial Stitches--Oklahoma History in Quilts

Programs, Exhibits & Fund-Raising Discounts Available


Book, Program & Exhibit Profits go to Charity Quilting


A simple rubric which may open dialogue and assist storytellers in deciding where they are in their development and help them map out their own skill building and training.

NOVICE - You enjoy listening to stories told but have not yet told a story in public. Have no formal stories to share.

BEGINNER - A few stories to share, little public telling experience, attended 1-5 workshops or classes, still learning .

APPTENTICE - A handful of stories, some public experience (1-15), have attended 5-20 workshops and classes, still learning.

JOURNEY(man/woman/one)- A larger store of stories, shared in 20-50 public concerts, programs, had varied story experiences, able to teach others basic techniques, have developed some specialized telling ability, still learning.

ARTISAN - Greater wealth of stories to share, have done many concerts, programs, workshops 60-100); able to teach skillfully basic to intermediate level classes; have developed a highly personal style and ability; have explored other arts and experimented with merging them with storytelling or explored ways to expand skills and delivery in new and innovative ways.

MASTER - A wealth of stories, publications, recordings, experience in many venues, frequently cited/quoted, able to teach others more advanced techniques, skillfully presents storytelling as an art form, highly developed general and specialized ability/style, adds to the philosophical and artistic understanding of storytelling as an art form through mentoring, writing, teaching; still learning...

--Marilyn A. Hudson



Marilyn A. Hudson, 'The Oklahoma Ghost Teller', will be returning to the Overholser Mansion in October to support the lovely historic structure through a series of storytelling and tour events. She will be performing two story sessions per night from Oct. 27-30.   Well received in 2009, Hudson looks forward to returning to the mansion to share her historically based tales with attentive and delighted audiences.

"It was the perfect venue, " she noted recently in an interview, "the grand dame of early Oklahoma looking lovely in the autumn twilight, the coach house alight with the faint glow of pumpkin toned lights, and audiences of teens and adults waiting to enjoy a shiver or two."

Hudson, who holds degrees in both history and library and information studies, began crafting shivery takes from legends and early news accounts several years ago.  A professional storyteller for over a decade and a published author, she enjoys the experience as much as her audiences.

Hudson will also be at the Warr Acres Library on Saturday, October 23, 2010 sharing tales for upper elementary and adult.  She still has some openings for Fall Break, by the way.

Look for her, in her long black cape, as she brings some delightful seasonal tales for what writer Ray Bradbury called the "October country."

OKC Storytelling Festival Ghost Tales


Oklahoma Storyteller and Author Included in 'Oklahoma Crossroads'

Molly Lemmons, well known Oklahoma storyteller and author, is a feature in the Oklahoma Department of Library's project called "Oklahoma Crossroads". 



Other Stuff too!

'SPOOKY, CHILLY, JUMP TALES" with Oklahoma Storytellers

The Choctaw Library will be hosting "Spooky, Chilly, Jump Tales with Oklahoma Storytellers" Monday October 18, 6:00 pm--7:30 pm. Talented storytellers from throughout Oklahoma will share their "spooky, chilly jump tales" for all ages. The community is invited to grace our doors with their presence for a very fun and enjoyable evening of stories that will chill and thrill. The roster of tellers include Rosemary Czarski, Elizabeth Parker, Kyle Dahlem, Marilyn Hudson, Susie Beasley,Carol Roberts, Jacquie Rash and Kathryn Thurman.

Light refreshments will be served.

Co-sponsors: Wayword Tellers, Choctaw Library and Territory Tellers



The month of November may seem far, far away but it is not and will be here sooner than we may think. "Tellabration" is that wonderful time when stories fill the air and dance in the imagination like falling leaves. Normally an evening of adult stories for adult listeners, some venues plan family events, and others plan mixed music and story events.

The day is Nov. 20, 2010, however events occurr, "in the spirit of" storytelling all week long.

Already plans are in place for events in Choctaw, Locust Grove, and many others still in the planning stages.

Locations range from libraries, to homes, to bookstores, to clubs, and museums. Anywhere people might be gathered to hear and delight in the ancient and ever new oral art of storytelling.



Muskoge , September 24, 25, 2010. Read more here.


The professional storytellers of the Oklahoma Association of Storytellers, committed to promoting and perfecting working storytellers, announce an emerging partnership to mentor storytellers in the paranormal community and tour guides for historic sites. "Telling about your research or showing people around a historic site involves some basic storytelling skills. The better trained a person is the better the stories and the more enjoyment by audiences!", said OAS. For information about arranging a training session with your group or staff, contact Marilyn A. Hudson, OAS Facilitator. Costs for workshop sessions and private mentoring are reasonable.


Once more national and internationally recognized storytellers will entrance OKC audiences in a festival produced by the OKC Arts Council. Committee members have been named and the date set for September 11-12 at Stage Center.

This year Carol Birch, Bill Harley, Charlotte Alston, and Willie Claflin head the bill.

For more information click here.



NE Oklahoma poet and storyteller, Shaun Perkins, is now writing a column featuring storytelling in (primarily) NE Oklahoma for the online zine "Examiner.com.". "Oklahoma Tellers" welcomes Shaun's features providing news of places, people, and events of NE Oklahoma. She will be a delight to read and very informative on storytelling in NE Oklahoma.



Let me tell you about....IRS 2010 mileage rates....$.50 a mile for business related driving. Be sure to save gas receipts, meal tickets, toll tickets, motel stays, etc. IF you got them in the course of doing business AWAY from home (at least 50 miles, I think). General tips only, be sure and check with an authorized accountant knowledge of self-employed status and savings.



Storytelling Is Alive and Well in Oklahoma

The 4th Annual Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival returns to Seminole, OK with stories for everyone. Information and tickets are available online at www.territorytellers.org.

Seminole - The 4th Annual Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival returns to Seminole, OK on Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th with stories for everyone!

Information, tickets and “all stories” passes are available online now at www.territorytellers.org. Individual concert tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students and seniors. Ghost tales are free! Call 405-366-8915 for information. On-site registration and ticket sales will be open at 9:00 am on Friday and 8:00 am on Saturday.

Nationally and regionally known spoken word artists including Jeannine Pasini Beekman, Connie Neil Fisher, Fran Stallings, Eldrena Douma, Teresa Black and Sam McMichael will perform. Story concerts, story circles, story swaps, ghost tales, workshops, exhibits—two days packed with stories!

Head on over to the Haney Center at Seminole State College, 2701 Boren Blvd, Seminole, OK and join the Territory Tellers, the Oklahoma Arts Council, and their local sponsors: Seminole State College, the Seminole Tourism Council and the Seminole Chamber of Commerce for some good, old-fashioned fun. You’ll be glad you did!

Contact: Valerie Kimble
Phone: 405-366-8915


'TELL IT AGAIN!' Introduced Storytelling to a New Generation

Kathryn Thurman weaves a tale...
Molly Lemmons addressing part of the audience....

MC/Teller M.Hudson, Molly Lemons, Kathryn Thurman, Jim Etter



"Tell It Again!" family storytelling event, Saturday April 17, 2010 at Southwestern Christian University (Patrick Building), Bethany, Oklahoma will feature three well known author-storytellers. Molly Lemmons, Kathryn Thurman and Jim Etter.

Molly Lemmons, aka"Molly Lou Belle with Tales to Tell!", is well known and loved around the state of Oklahoma and beyond for her charming stories of the way things used to be. Humorous, touching, and totally enjoyable she will entertain any audience. She is also an award winning author of several books based on a popular newspaper column and on personal remembrances of life: "Kind of Heart", a novel "The Passing of Paradise", and a book for young girls, "Pure as the Driven Snow."

Kathryn Thurman, has been sharing tales, directing plays, and working with community groups for many years. She is the author of several books and led numerous workshops on the use sound equipment, character development, and stage presence for emerging storytellers. She often weaves an Indian flute into her stories and lends a moment of awe and magic to tales from across time. Funny and often fast paced she adds many unique stylings to keep every audience listening.

Jim Marion Etter is a retired, award-winning reporter for The Daily Oklahoman whose offbeat, folksy writing about his home state has earned him the reputation as "Oklahoma's master country storyteller." A writer of both fiction and nonfiction, he's the author of five books and a contributing author of four others, and has written for numerous magazines including Persimmon Hill and Western Horsemen. A native of the small Muskogee County town of Oktaha, he now lives in Oklahoma City. He's also been a newspaper and television reporter in Laredo, Texas - "El Charro Flaco" - and has served as a military journalist and translator in Latin America. His books have captured a nearly forgotten Oklahoma history and his stories provide a glimpse into the byways and people of some interesting places. His books include:Thunder in the Heartland: Parables from Oklahoma, It's A Dirty Shame:101 Unforgettable Places in Oklahoma,and others.

Serving as MC will be Marilyn A. Hudson, another Oklahoma storyteller , author of "Off the Page!", also writes the "Oklahoma Tellers" blog informing about tellers, events, and history of storytelling in Oklahoma.
The event is free and open to the public.Call 405-789-7661x3451 or marilynahudson@yahoo.com for information or to reserve a space.



Want to share a story, talk to friends, or plan events for the future? Please come to the Choctaw Library at 2525 Muzzy, Choctaw Oklahoma between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Saturday February 27. Be prepared to share a story or yarn or two. This is an informal gathering of tellers hosted by WayWord Tellers. For more information or directions to the library, please call 390-8418 and ask for Susie or Rosemary.



Saturday, April 17, 1-3:00 p.m.
SCU, Patrick Building, Bethany (Corner of Rockwell and NW 39th Expressway)

Well known Oklahoma storytellers will share exciting tales for families with children from 3 to 12. Tellers include author-storyteller, Molly Lemmons, Kathryn Thurman, and Marilyn A. Hudson. All are members of national and state storytelling organizations and have told stories around the state for more than a decade. Come celebrate the love of stories!
Admission: FREE! 405-789-7661x3451 or marilyn.hudson@swcu.edu for details or to reserve your space!



What is the state of storytelling in Oklahoma? Anyone can leave a post...


Storytelling Critique Opportunity for Feb. 13, 2010 Cancelled

The event scheduled for Sat. Feb. 13, 2010 in Bethany has been cancelled.



Have you been telling stories for a while but feel you need some feedback? Want to try and elevate your skills to a new level? Want to try out some new material or a new technique? Want to hear from professional storytellers with nearly fifty years of combined storytelling experience? Register for this free critique class to help you take your storytelling skills to the next level. Panel members are members of such organizations as the National Storytelling Network, The Territory Tellers, National Organization of Biblical Storytellers, Professional Storytellers, and others.

To Register Email: marilynahudson@yahoo.com (put critique in the subject line).

Please notify us if you are physically challenged or cannot climb stairs.
Place: Southwestern Christian University (west of Rockwell and NW 39th Expr.)
Time: 10: 00 a.m.
Date: Saturday, February 13, 2010
Sponsors: SCU Library, Oklahoma Association of Storytellers
Cost: FREE



Interested storytellers and story listeners are invited to come out to the Choctaw Library on Saturday Jan 23 for Story Circle/Story Swap from 10 am to 11 am. Bring ideas and stories to share for future Story Circles at the Choctaw Library, 2525 Muzzy, Choctaw OK. Sponsored by WayWord Tellers



The Mayes County Storytellers is having a meeting on Jan. 27, Wednesday, from 4:00-5:00 p.m. at Pryor High School, room 112. We will have some storytelling fun and include a bit of a membership drive. If you live in the area and are interested in either telling stories or listening to them, please come! For more information, contact Shaun: okiestoryteller@gmail.com


KUDOS: Support Your Local Storytellers

Plutarch said, "never blame or praise yourself", but sometimes we also fail to praise others for the work they do, the enjoyment they convey or the dreams they share. We fail to appreciate their unique qualities in the face of terrible, and sometimes negative, forces of conformity and standardization.

As a Japanese quote says: “If one man praises you, a thousand will repeat the praise”, so add a comment about a storyteller YOU know. Just a line about their skills, an enjoyed tale, or a potential they possess. Young, old, and those still undecided will benefit and be encouraged to not keep those stories to themselves any longer.

Bonnie - her heart and spirit shine through her stories, stories that often feature unique corners of Oklahoma's past.

Darla - I have laughed and smile at her funny stories, told in a delightfully relaxed manner

Shaun - The poet shines through this woman and sometimes story and poem flow smoothly into one another for a rich experience

Molly - A unique and rare teller and writer of great talent and strong values that enrich all who listen

Barbara - Deep, moving, heartfelt stories of people, their challenges and their hopes

Dwe - Dynamic, visionary, and compelling; her creative talent and managerial drive are a source of inspiration

Sky - Hot coffee on a cold morning, that is how his stories feel. A 'come right here and sit for a spell' warmth that bewitches and entertains.

Connie - Rare and special, his vision of life and his memories combine to create one of kind delights.

Rosemary - Soft, gentle and easy on the spirit, her stories take us to other places and times and bring smiles to the face.

Kathryn - Energetic, creative, multi-faceted - she dazzles all who get to know her with her musical, theater, organizational, and story talents

Jeanette - Smooth, capable, and deep; this storyteller pulls stories from deep places and weaves them together into interesting and unexpected patterns.

Chester - Stories from this man are like a fond memory of a walk down a sunny street, they bring a smile and add a bounce to the step. Not to be missed.

Susie - Deeply touching, hilarious, and unexpected and all in one story! Susie provides uniques perspectives and unexpected surprises in every tale.

Fran - Sure, deep, and enriching are how to describe Fran's telling as she blends from a rich resource of talent and experience and the result is always enjoyable

Marilyn: A multitude of talents all rolled into one; storyteller, author, actress, and director, her brilliant mind a credit to the One she serves, her stories always full of fun and/or inspiration.

Sam: Gentle, funny, humble Sam--just Sam. His stories leave you feeling young again and glad you were in his audience. One can never listen to him "too many times," and no one ever leaves without feeling like someone just threw a bushel of "warm fuzzies" right straight into their heart.

Phillip--The wisdom of multiple experiences and the ability to see the humor and the light and the insight in the lives he shares so warmly.

Stella--She takes you by the hand on a journey into the soul of people, into the heart of stories, and you are compelled to go because of her loving attention to those people

Nancy--with stories that dare and challenge us to do something out of the ordinary and look for the mysterious in common places;

Those are just the ones I can name after a high stress week at work......what about you?



Have you been telling stories for a while but feel you need some feedback? Want to try and elevate your skills to a new level? Want to try out some new material or a new technique? Want to hear from professional storytellers with nearly fifty years of combined storytelling experience? Register for this free critique class to help you take your storytelling skills to the next level. Panel members are members of such organizations as the National Storytelling Network, The Territory Tellers, National Organization of Biblical Storytellers, Professional Storytellers, and others.
To Register Email: marilynahudson@yahoo.com (put critique in the subject line). Please notify us if you are physically challenged or cannot climb stairs.
Place: Southwestern Christian University (west of Rockwell and NW 39th Expr.)
Time: 10: 00 a.m.
Date: Saturday, February 13, 2010
Sponsors: SCU Library, Oklahoma Association of Storytellers
Cost: FREE


April is Storytelling Month in Bethany!

Saturday, April 17, 2010 from 1 -3 p.m. will be a fun-packed storytelling program for families with children from 3 to 12. A collection of professional storytellers will share exciting, fun, and engaging stories the whole family will enjoy! A folkoric dance group is also scheduled.

Some of the storytellers scheduled include Barbara Wright Jones, Molly Lemmons, Kathryn Thurman, and Marilyn A. Hudson. These storytellers have traveled the state presenting programs in numerous venues, have all planned major storytelling events, and are all published authors as well as storytellers.

Knowing the great educational and entertainment value storytelliing has, these committed performers as they weave their exciting tales, model an always new and enjoyable art form that helps children develop the skills they neeed to learn as well.

This event is being sponsored by the Professional Educational Services program (ABLE) of Southwestern Christian University, the SCU Library, and the Oklahoma Association of Storytellers.

Place: Southwestern Christian University, Patrick Cafeteria (SCU is located just west of Rockwell and NW 39th Expressway in Bethany, Oklahoma)

Date: Sat., April 17, 2010 from 1 to 3 p.m.
Reserve your spot: Email marilyn.hudson@swcu.edu

Ages: 3 to 12 yrs

Cost: FREE


Happy New Year of Storytelling

Check out the webpage of the Territory Tellers for some exciting events sponsored by them.

The Oklahoma Association of Storytelling is planning a storytelling critique event to mentor and support storytellers. Date to be announced, but may be in Februrary.

Also, Sat. April 17, 2010 in Bethany, Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Association of Storytellers, Stories2Go, and Southwestern Christian University will sponsor a storytelling event for families from 1 -3 p.m. It will feature professional tellers experienced in sharing tales with children and parents and , possibily, a Folklorica Dance Group.

"Tell It Again!" in 2010.