It is that time of year once more....gather family or friends together and share stories of fun, adventure, mystery, and romance. Share the drama of an epic story, the shivery fun of a ghost tale, or the rollicking laughter from a holiday long, long ago.
Need a starter?
The Best Holiday Memory
It Was So Cold....
Holidays at Grandmas (insert other relative) were Great Because...

Remember....everyone can be a storyteller....


STORYTIME IN 2009: Memberships

Now is the time to consider joining, or renewing membership in the National Storytelling Network. It is also a good time to join the only statewide organization in Oklahoma, The Territory Tellers. If you tell stories - in any venue or style - consider joining these two groups. The more people unite to support what they do the greater the profile becomes and the greater the awareness of people who fund and schedule for events. Do you share stories in a bookstore? Do you share stories on tours? Do you present a character for historic tours? Do you give tours? Do you tell to school children? Do you tell in care facilities? Do you share tales in church, synagogue, temple, or house? Do you convince co-workers by telling a story? Do you comfort a frightened patient with a story? Do you write stories, poems, or songs? No greater workshop for honing skills than learning or listening to the oral story. No you work with puppets? Do you create digital stories? You need to join........It's Storytime in 2009!


January 25, 2009 – Mid-Atlantic Region – Tales from the Body: Storytelling about Illness and Disability in New York City, NY - produced/co-sponsored by The Storytelling Center of New York City and co-sponsored by the New York Society for Ethical Culture

• February 18-21, 2009 – South Central Region – Telling Stories, Changing Lives in Columbia, MO – produced/co-sponsored by Kind Crone Productions, Mid-Missouri Organization of Storytelling (MOST) and the Columbia Public Library, with additional support from Columbia College, the City of Columbia, and Daniel Boone Regional Library

• March 7, 2009 – North Central Region – Nebraska Storytelling Festival in Omaha, NE – produced/co-sponsored by Nebraska StoryArts and co-sponsored by Nebraska Arts Council; partnership with GBT (Growing and Building Together) Academy of the Arts

• March 26, 2009 – Southeast Region – Coming Home to Healing - Florida StoryCamp pre-event in Eustis, FL – produced/co-sponsored by Florida Storytelling Association

• April 24-26, 2009 – Western Region – New Horizons in Storytelling, part of Rocky Mountain Storytellers’ Conference (RMSC) in Denver, CO – produced/co-sponsored by RMSC and co-sponsored by Spellbinders, and Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver, CO
June5-6, 2009 - OKLAHOMA - The Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival, Seminole, OK. Territory Tellers of Oklahoma, Seminole College and others.

• June 4-5, 2009 – Northeast Region – The Folktales for Life Project in Portland, Maine – produced/co-sponsored by MOOSE (Maine Organization Of Storytelling Enthusiasts) with support from Coffee By Design

• July 16-19, 2009 – Pacific Region – Talk Story Conference in Waikiki, Hawaii - produced by Jeff Gere with Talk Story Festival and co-sponsored by the Alliance for Culture and Arts and Friends of the Library


LIAR'S CLUB - 1890's Style

Liar's contests are a popular element in many storytelling festivals. Tellers compete in the "match and raise " game of traditional storytelling. Tall tales and outright lies are welcome in these fun filled and entertaining episodes. These are as old as people gathering to share and hear. Check out this entry on the blog "Mystorical". Take your hat off the greats!!!