Bonnie C. Smith (shown right at a special costumed performance) has a tremendous background in storytelling. Holding a master's degree in reading she has taught language arts in middle school and enjoyed the opportunity to give her students the simple gift of story to inspire and motivate them. Bonnie presents any number of stories : "Mama Baked the Bread" about a boy, five loaves, and two fish; "Are We There Yet?", the ark and Mrs. Noah. She has crafted Oklahoma specific tales such as "My Heroes Have Always..." Real cowboys of Oklahoma, "The Tree Within" about Oklahoma's naturally simple gifts, and the hauntingly touching, "Long Journey Home", a sailor's trip home in 1942. She gives simple gifts of laughter through the adventures of "Otis and Sylvester". Contact Bonnie: Bonnie C. Smith 1800 West Midway Rd., Paen, OK 74860; phone at 405.932.5406 or email at bodu@brightok.net.


KATHRYN THURMAN is an Oklahoma performing artist sharing both music and stories. She is an experienced actress, musician, and storyteller who has been actively performing for over 20 years. She blends her heritage, experiences, and training as a music teacher into stories crafted with grace, humor, and highlighted with music. Contact her for a performance or workshop for your library, school, scouting activity, church group, women's luncheon, community event or festival. For more information contact: KMThurman@aol.com, or by cell phone at 1-405-308-7349; or office phone at 1-405-672-5050.


It's November and that means it is time for stories! Tellabration" is an internationally celebrated emphasis on storytelling held each November. Events range from casual family style events to more formal and adult focused entertainment. They are always entertaining and a time for storytellers to shine. For a list of events being held in Oklahoma, visit the Territory Tellers website on the subject at http://www.territorytellers.org/News/News. Plan on attending one of these events this month!


Red Dirt Book Festival: Statewide Events Unite Writers, Readers, Storytellers

Red Dirt Book Festival, Shawnee, Oklahoma once more was the place to be in Oklahoma. The state storytelling organization, Territory Tellers were on hand to provide information, participate in workshops, and encourage people "to talk". The link between writers, readers, and tellers is so close that sometimes it is hard to see where one ends and the others start, indeed several wear several hats simultaneously! It was also a popular stop in the exhibit hall.