Here are some of the "Stars" of Oklahoma storytelling. These are individuals who marked the path, lead the way, and mentored or inspired others to become tellers, assisted them to become better tellers, or who made others just love listening to stories.  There are so many - these are only a few.
Stella Long
Kathryn Thurman - Contemporary
Native American Flutist/Storyteller

John Hinkle
Fran Stallings
Lynn Moroney
Sam McMichael
David Titus
Te Ata
Molly Lemmons with "Tales to Tell"
Rosemary Czarski
Dwe Williams

Marilyn A. Hudson aka "Ghost Teller"

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Kyle said...

Is it possible to request a storyteller to speak to a group of students?? I am hosting a summer camp this July in OKC and interested in bringing in a Native American storyteller! We can offer compensation. Thanks, let me know!