Never Too early To Think of Tellabration

Tellabration (tellabration.org) is an international event highlighting the place of storytelling in society: some focus on stories for grownups, some for families, and some for children and youth.

The event is held each November and so now is the time for any groups to begin the process of planning the where, when, what, and who of a local event.

Gather some of the best tellers together and do a "demo" tape of CD (or DVD). Take this along so the prospective sponsor can hear what you mean by storytelling. Create a mock flyer showing how the event will be promoted (and how a local business or two might be featured as sponsors). Vi st local businesses (bookstores, museums, libraries, schools, and other places people can congregate without being arrested).

Begin promoting at least three months in advance and promote well. Local radio (not just the station you like - but ones that people listen to in great numbers) often look for community services news; newspapers; newsletters (local schools, local businesses, local churches, etc.).

Visit the main Tellabration webpage for more hints and how-to's and then get going!

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