Bonnie C. Smith (shown right at a special costumed performance) has a tremendous background in storytelling. Holding a master's degree in reading she has taught language arts in middle school and enjoyed the opportunity to give her students the simple gift of story to inspire and motivate them. Bonnie presents any number of stories : "Mama Baked the Bread" about a boy, five loaves, and two fish; "Are We There Yet?", the ark and Mrs. Noah. She has crafted Oklahoma specific tales such as "My Heroes Have Always..." Real cowboys of Oklahoma, "The Tree Within" about Oklahoma's naturally simple gifts, and the hauntingly touching, "Long Journey Home", a sailor's trip home in 1942. She gives simple gifts of laughter through the adventures of "Otis and Sylvester". Contact Bonnie: Bonnie C. Smith 1800 West Midway Rd., Paen, OK 74860; phone at 405.932.5406 or email at bodu@brightok.net.

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