SAVE OUR STORIES! Marilyn A. Hudson

Save Our Stories!: Local History - Local Stories
In this workshop or presentation*, learn the basics of finding the facts about family history and local history using library, government, and online resources. Learn what the architecture of homes in your area has to say about the past. Discover how to get started using local resources to track down local history and legends. Discover how innovative local partnerships can protect, preseve, and promote your community! “Save our stories”….so they can be communicated to new generations.

Alternate Presentations include "The House Down the Street" revealing partnerships highlighting ghost tours, and local legends; "Out of the Attic" focuses on tapping into the more personal family history aspects Begin recording local history through oral history interviews of older adults in the community. Discover clues in old photographs and unlock the stories hidden all around your family or community; "Historying" shares ways to turn boring history into stories that entertain.

Presenter Marilyn A. Hudson blends degrees in history and library-information with her experience as a storyteller to bring these presentations to vivid life.

--* A workshop is a more formal learning event while the presentation can be a class, address or lecture for a group.
Contact: Marilyn A. Hudson, marilynahudsonATyahoo.com.

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