The major problem facing any art form is finding support - both creative and monetary. A small, obscure art form struggles for lack of audiences, promotion, and awareness. There is strength - and higher profiles for the art form - when related groups and individuals unite.
I encourage all storytellers - and story lovers - to join the statewide storytelling organization, The Territory Tellers. Preserve storytelling, but also propel storytelling into the 21st century and beyond! Take an active role in telling, listening, and supporting storytelling. Individual membership is only $15 a year (a bargain!) and new organizational memberships are available.

Storytellers in Oklahoma are currently at work in a variety of settings: urban museums, historic settings, paranormal tours, cultural centers, zoos, camps, parks, book stores, educational classrooms, business meetings, Church ministry, elder care, children's services, local history, libraries, hospitals, theaters, art festivals, summer reading, emerging technologies, literacy projects.....

Join The Territory Tellers: It's a TEAM effort - Together Everyone Achieves More.

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