Have you got a story to tell? A 'storytelling showcase' is an opportunity to try out your oral presentation with a supportive audience of avid listeners. Tallgrass Tellers, the regional storytelling group for the Bartlesville area, will host the September Storytelling Showcase this Thursday evening Sept 18, 7pm in Room B (downstairs) of the Bartlesville Public Library.

Members of Tallgrass Tellers have prepared new stories to try out. Deborah Langley is working on folktales about tricksters and our staple food crops. Nancy Lenhart polishes episodes from her fascinating life experiences. Tallgrass president Fran Stallings is developing some of the Japanese folktales she edited for a recent book, Folktales from the Japanese Countryside.

Between stories by the Tallgrass members, guests are invited to share a tale of their own. At the August showcase a Kansas librarian told a lively African folktale; an Osage County woman told about an adopted cat who raised another feline foundling; and a Bartlesville man spun a very tall tale about photographs of dinosaur. Tallgrass Tellers look forward to hearing more great stories on Thursday!

The meeting is free and open to the public Sept 18, 7pm, at the Bartlesville Public Library room B.

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