Courses for formal college credit are now available , or being added, at several institutions in Oklahoma. All institutions are accredited and financial aid may be available for qualified students.

"Storytelling and the Bible" is a class offered at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa. Barbara McBride-Smith is a well known teller and promoter of storytelling on this campus. This course looks at the use of the Bible in narrative preaching, teaching, and communiation.

"Christian Storytelling" is a new course being added to the curriculum at Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma. Storyteller and educator Marilyn A. Hudson is spearheading this course. The course will introduce basic skills, introduce ways of using storytelling in a variety of settings, and provide stage performance experience through public performance(s).

"Storytelling in the Land of Enchantment" is being offered by OU as a summer course with Tim Tingle, well-known storyteller, as the instructor. The course will explore storytelling in Native Amerian culture and related topics.

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