GhostTales2Go Provide "Treat"

"GhostTales2Go", aka Molly Lemmons, Barbara Jones and Marilyn A. Hudson, will be "scaring" up some good stories this October. In delightfully humorous, historically spooky, and tantalizing mysterious the trio will provide the "treat" this Halloween season.

Molly Lemmons, well-known for her delightful costumed storytelling is an author and workshop leader as well. Molly Lemmons has been listening to her family's stories all of her life, and has picked up the family tradition by continuing them. It is only recently that she began to tell them professionally.
Barbara Jones is an educator, author, missionary, and storyteller who has woven all together to introduce children and adults to various Spanish speaking cultures though delightful stories. A popular storyteller she travels the state sharing stories for young and old.
Marilyn A. Hudson, Norman, also known as the "Oklahoma Ghostteller", is well known for her stories combining Oklahoma history and the mysterious. She was a featured teller at the 2009 ParaCon Conference in El Reno, and has told around the state for various events, libraries, and schools.

GhostTales2Go. This is a special holiday troupe who are all members of a larger traveling troupe called STORIES2GO http://stories2gotroupe.blogspot.com/. They are members of The Territory Tellers, the Oklahoma Association of Storytellers, and the Oklahoma Performers and Presenters.

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