Red Ribbon Day, Saturday October 30, an exciting tradition in Moore, Oklahoma officially begins with a city-wide parade. The first Red Ribbon Culture Jam directly follows, kicking off at 12:00 p.m. at the Moore Public Library 225 South Howard. The Culture Jam is broad in focus and offers a huge line-up of musical entertainment, story performances, cooking demonstrations, and boasts an international marketplace.

“The Cultural Jam is completely unique to Moore,” says Tera McAmis, Outreach Specialist for Moore Public Library. “You’ve heard the cliché, ‘Something for Everyone and the Red Ribbon Culture Jam truly lives up to that billing. Our focus is four cultural regions: Asian, Celtic, Hispanic, and African, with each area celebrated through a variety of arts.”

On the Sounds of the World stage, Damon Frazier and Rithm Company kicks off the event with West African drumming; followed by OU Arashi Taiko a vibrant Asian drum-band; and All About Irish Dance jigging to Celtic beats. Jesse Bills demonstrates his special talent on the bagpipe. The headlining act, Son del Barrio, closes the entire show with a knock-out performance of high energy and driving music, that invites dancing and just letting go. Various food vendors will also be available in the North Parking lot area.

The Cooking Pot sponsored by Platt College, features chefs creating cultural dishes. Participants can learn about distinctive cuisines, watch how dishes are prepared, and experience unique spices, ingredients, and traditions. Free samples and recipes are part of these exciting demonstrations.

Fables and Folk Lore is where story-telling takes on new dimensions. Anam Cronan performs Celtic legends accented with flute and harp performances. DWe Williams spins African stories and tales. Narrators from the OCU Korean Student Association weave magical tales from the mystic east and Diana Tono chronicles myths in the Hispanic tradition.

World Neighbors sponsor a cultural marketplace, The International Fair-Trade Market with a full spectrum of arts, crafts, and creations for sale. Travel the ‘globe’ in Moore for hand-crafted items such as Nepali handbags, Guatemalan textiles, multi-cultural jewelry, tribal masks, coffees and chocolates, and Peruvian pottery. All the products are ‘fair-trade certified’ guaranteeing that the artisans receive a fair wage for their work. Buy special gifts and give back at the same time.

Take World Neighbors’ Water Walk and experience firsthand what life is like for some women in the poorest areas of the world. In many developing countries, billions of people have inadequate access to water, which needs to be gathered daily for survival needs. “Walk” in their footsteps…carry large containers of water, walk barefoot over stones, sand, and rocks and you will never take water for granted again.

Four hours of simultaneous events are planned. Choose your favorite venues! Participants can come-and-go, enjoy the music, or stop by cooking demonstrations. Experience folk tales or shop in the bazaar. After the Culture Jam ends at 4:00 p.m., families are invited to Haunt Old Town at Broadway and Main, where the Old Town Association is hosting Halloween fun and festivities.

The Red Ribbon Culture Jam is sponsored by World Neighbors, Platt College, The Oklahoma Arts Council, the City of Moore, Pioneer Library System and Friends of the Moore Public Library. For more information call Moore Public Library 791-5100.

[press release from PLS >http://www.pioneer.lib.ok.us/mootop/94-check/2167-moores-red-ribbon-culture-jam-festival]

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