Let me tell you about....storytellers who walk on the wild side! Often unrecognized, these are the storytellers who enchant, entertain, and educate during the haunting times of the year and on tours through various corners of any region.

They dress in costumes, provide stories as they tour aged corners of a community, historic sites with strange visitors, recount daring deeds and old mysteries. Others, go legend tripping, investigate spooky old places, and carry strange bits of electronic paraphernalia and then share their tales in a variety They, like all other storytellers, delve into the pool of human legends, myths, and the ongoing folklore of the urban legend.

The members of paranormal groups, historic site ‘ghost/cemetery tour guides’, and similar individuals sprinkled around any locale. Since many are often unconnected to any storytelling group they provide an excellent opportunity to encourage people with kindred interests to get connected to local guilds. Many are aligned with theatrical groups, tourism agencies, and volunteers for historic real estate and there is no reason why they should be story friends.

Others have no exposure to storytelling and provide a wonderful new pool of people to introduce to the diversity and fellowship in the storytelling world.

As the “Oklahoma Ghost Teller,” I have met many such people while doing stories at local paranormal conferences, fairs, events at local historic sites, local libraries, and similar events. I am mentoring two right now because they want to learn how to share their interests in more engaging and interesting manner. In the past, storytellers have often bemoaned people who have wanted to box storytellers into a ‘kids only’ container. They wanted recognition for other visions for the art form and the same applies with connecting to these new groups and audiences. All it requires is a willingness to expand the parameters of the story tent and tap into a popular body of mythic – if alternative – story sources.


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