Let me tell you about....a chief problem for performers in many arts. Fears of competition, loss of power, or control over the status quo can create unnecessary stresses and power tussles. Someone comes along doing things a bit different, with new ideas, or marching to a different drumbeat and problems emerge. It is something every performer must face and deal with at some point - and also face in other situations as well. The truth is that arts united in spirit and form present a more impressive face to potential funding agencies, festival planners, and the general public.
Unity spurs a great wealth of creativity, energy, and connections to make things happen. This scares some people who enjoy being the big fish in a small pond - the ocean brings fear because of presumed loss of control or influence. More people means new power blocks, new ideas, and a loss of control.
Encourage all other performers to unite rather than divide. It will enrich life so much more and create an environment better for all performers and artists.

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