Let me tell you about....creating a storytelling group.
Across Oklahoma there are people who are already telling stories in a variety of ways particular to their interest or professional niche. There are people sharing tales at local history locales, in museums, classrooms, in business meetings, at hospital bedsides, in elder centers, in pre-schools and day centers, in churches, in coffee houses, in bookstores, in libraries, in small towns, and big cities. They share western tales, cowboy tales, urban stories, spoken word stories, performance tales, classic tales, children's stories, ghost stories, funny stories, serious stories, musical stories, miminig stories, cultural tales, ethnic stories, religious tales, educational stories, men's stories, and women's stories. No matter where you are - gather listeners and learners together to share stories and form groups all across the state so that the state can be enriched and people come to enjoy the variety and diversity of the tales of Oklahoma.
Get more information about forming a group by contacting the state organization at Territory Tellers. There is power in numbers and the more people telling in Oklahoma the more we will have to appreciate.

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