Sharing engagingly factuallly rich history through non-costumed oral storytelling.

“We created performance stories by adopting the historical storytelling approach of the third person everyman from the time period and told the stories as if the characters had been our neighbors. The challenge was to create narratives that were historically accurate, educational, meaningful, and entertaining. We also knew that there would be members of the audience who had lived here during that time and would hold us to the truth.”
http://www.onceuponanation.org/oldSite05/pdf/Benstitute_press_release.pdf Of the “beanstitute” – Storytellers, garbed in contempory clothing would be stationed around the city. “Beanstitute storytellers are important to the visitor experience because they will paint a more complete picture of the people, the places and the events that shaped our nation," said Amy Needle, executive director of Once Upon A Nation. "With the training at the Benstitute, our storytellers truly will be Philadelphia's newest tourism ambassadors."

"Historying ": the process of the storyteller specializing in bringing the past to life solely through the vehicle of oral storytelling. The teller, like an artist or a writer, will read widely, think deeply, and then find a thread of theme ( or motif) bringing meaning and vitality to the stories of the past. Performance values of developing an engaging and entertaining delivery and presences in order to provide a "draw" for an event. The stories will be linked by some common feature. The bonds of common human experiences, emotions, and needs link the stories. They serve to mentor the current generation by telling the stories (with their implied truths, values, and lessons) to the present. Such storytelling seeks to connect – in one long chain of being – the entirety of human experiences.
Special note: Tour guides can become excellent storytellers in normal gear. One of the best tours experienced by this writer was on the Hill of Tara in Ireland. The bus driver-tour guide strode across the green hills and briefly but with energy and skill gave an abbreviated history of the Hill through snippets of legends and saga. The layers of modern day fell at our feet as we saw the heroes of old rise up and stride across the hills, we heard the ring of ancient swords, and heard the call of birds centuries past.

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