How Diverse is Oklahoma Storytelling?

Reading a blog recently this idea floated to the surface. Currently, Oklahoma stoytelling is more diverse than at any time in its history with a greater openness, and appreciation, to the vast ethnic groups that have enriched the state. The tales of native American peoples, the tales of the South, the Irish, the Polish, and many others who settled here have added flavor to the melting pot. There is still room for more diversity as the vast palette of story types, as well as story tellers, are enlarged in the coming years. Oklahoma continues, like the rest of the country, to be developing and can look forward to being charmed and delighted by Hispanic stories, Asian Stories, Middle-Eastern Stories, Pacific Stories, and many others. Oklahoma has opened its arms to environmental stories and stories of faith and stories of peace and tales of history. What Oklahoma has to look forward to is unifying all those who "tell" in historical interpretation, walking tours, ghost tours, radio, cinema, sermons, story slams, and other emerging art forms into its understanding of what 'storytelling' means in the state.

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