HISTORY TOURS of Downtown OKC. The Wall Street Journal (June 24, 2008;pg. D7) shares how various hotels in Denver have resident historians who regale tours and guests with the history (legend and factual) of the hotel. Image a resident storyteller/guide in the Skirvin or the lovely downtown bank?

HISTORICAL TOURS: The present COX CONVENTION CENTER sits on the old "Hell's Half Acre" and notorious saloons and bawdy houses of pre-statehood. That is also were the famous Chinese Tunnels were and could tie in well with the Asian Heritage section just to the north. "DEEP DEUCE" could share the magic and wonder of the great music that was born and shared there by some of the great names of jazz and blues. "COW TOWN" to the south could be revitalized via celebrations of the old west heritage....

AFTER HOURS WALKING TOUR: The growing PARANORMAL industry in the country indicates that a PARANORMAL WALKING TOUR of places related to the early day shoot outs or legends might be feasible in, and around, the downtown-bricktown areas.

RIVER TALES: Oklahoma stories told on the river boats.....

What better place to place storytellers who can act as guides/performers/living history figures, etc.? OKC, or any community, could benefit by tapping into the storyteller/historian/theater groups to locate, train, and use such to highlight their history in an interesting manner.

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