Bonnie Smith and Molly Lemmons have teamed up to present storytelling programs to support the curriculum of Oklahoma History, Geography, and Language Skills.
(Molly at left and Bonnie at right)

Modules include:

"Oklahoma...The Heartbreak of a Nation" (All Ages). A look at the homefront in WW2. Molly & Bonnie.

"History From the Heart". The past comes alive straight from the stories of the people who lived it. Molly & Bonnie, sometimes with friends.

"A Letter Home From Joe": (All Ages) The tale of one young man's experiences in "Mr. Roosevelet's Tree Army" during the 1930's tells of teh Civilian Conservation Corps. Bonnie Smith.

"My Heroes Have Always Been...Real Cowboys of Oklahoma." (Adaptable for all ages) Bonnie Smith.

"Miss Mattie Beal". Heroine of Lawton, and the little darling that won the number two spot in the land lottery of 1901. Brought to life by Molly Lemmons.

"Downtown Oklahoma City: Only Memories Remain." Molly Lemmons in a one-perfoming memory presention of OKC the way it USED to be...before urban renewal destroyed all but the memories.

Contact www.territorytellers.org or Bonnie Smith 405-932-5406 or Molly Lemmons 405-376-2576

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